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PolicyMarket LLC. (PolicyMarket) respects the privacy rights of all insureds and policy owners who choose to sell their life insurance policies (Sellers) through this website (Site). This Privacy Policy and Notice of Information Practices provides details about PolicyMarket's privacy policies and explains PolicyMarket's practices concerning the handling of the information shared by Sellers through this Site.


As a Seller on this Site, or representative of a seller but not limited to insurance agent, financial advisor or CPA you understand and agree that:

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) about you or the client you represent, including information concerning your identity, your financial information, and your health and medical information, is collected and used as part of the process of obtaining quotations and offers to purchase your policy. Some of this information may be collected from persons other than you, such as third parties from whom PolicyMarket is authorized to collect your PII. PolicyMarket collects this information, along with other personal or privileged information that may be obtained in connection with the life settlement quote, and sends it to licensed life settlement entities who may present you with quotations for, and offers to purchase, your policy. This information is non-public, and is used solely for this purpose. Please be aware, however, that individual instances of disclosure may occur without your specific authorization.

  • The information that you provide to PolicyMarket will be shared by PolicyMarket with licensed life settlement entities that must receive the information in order to evaluate your policy and decide whether to offer on your policy. The information may also be shared with law enforcement agencies, courts, or other persons or parties seeking that information legally and through legal processes.

  • A right of access and correction exists with respect to all PII collected by PolicyMarket. You must contact PolicyMarket if you wish to change or correct the information you have provided through this Site.

  • Please be aware that you may be contacted by PolicyMarket, life expectancy providers, health care providers (to the extent authorized by you), or other persons or entities to the extent necessary to facilitate a life insurance settlement of your policy. Any such contacts are made by those third parties and not by PolicyMarket. If you find these contacts to be inappropriate, with respect to either the number of contacts, the contact method used, or in any other sense, please let that party know.

  • This Site will install tracking cookies to your web browser for the purpose of understanding how you use this Site as well as helping PolicyMarket recognize you as a new or returning user and provide an experience accordingly. The data gained from these tracking cookies is not personally identifiable information and consists of only general information such as location, which browser you are using, and how you came to this Site (whether you clicked a link or typed in the address). This data does not enable PolicyMarket to record your name or any information that will tell PolicyMarket who you are. Further, no other parties collect PII about your online activities over time or across different websites as the result of your use of this Site. The information collected by these cookies is only used for:

    • Tracking the effectiveness of PolicyMarket's marketing campaigns;

    • Improving the Site, its content, and PolicyMarket's services; and

    • Helping PolicyMarket to develop new services or features for the users of this Site.

  • Tracking cookies may be turned off from within the settings menu of your web browser. Turning off tracking cookies will prevent this Site from remembering your information, which may result in a less personalized experience and may require you to input information you may have already entered if you are a returning user. It will not, however, otherwise affect your experience in using this Site.

  • This Privacy Statement and Notice of Information Practices applies only to this Site. Should you navigate to a website other than this Site, you will be subject to that site's privacy policy and this Privacy Statement and Notice of Information Practices will cease to be in effect. You should consult the privacy policies on those other sites for details regarding the acquisition and use of tracking data and personal information on those sites.

  • This Privacy Statement and Notice of Information Practices is effective as of July, 2019.

  • Material changes to this Privacy Statement and Notice of Information Practices will be posted on this Site. Please be aware that, by your continued use of this Site following the posting of such material changes, you consent to any such changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact PolicyMarket.

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