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Each year 87% of permanent life insurance lapses with little to no value to the policy owner.  Over 75% of senior-owned permanent life insurance lapses each year.*  This means when the policy lapses, all of the paid-in premiums that have been paid go directly  insurance company as pure profit, without any value being received by the policy owner.

We educate policy owners and agents about another option besides lapsing their policy - Life Settlements.  Policy Owners should be able to get the fair market value for their policy, many times over the cash surrender value.  Life settlements give the policy owner another option to get out of expensive life insurance contract.

Insurance companies and direct buyers don't always want consumers or agents to know about life settlements.  Insurance companies try to keep life settlements quiet although by law in many states requires insurance companies to disclose the settlement option before surrendering a policy.

Life settlements are a great option for seniors to unlock the value of their asset.  It changes an expensive premium payment into a payout that can improve their life.  Most seniors and agents don't know about this option.

Without  life settlement as an option, purchasing a life insurance policy is like purchasing a house that can never be resold.

We Make Life Settlements Simple And Transparent.

In the past life settlements have been difficult to navigate and many times agents and policy owners don't realize how easy and simple it can be.  The PolicyMarket platform makes it easy to submit policies in 1-2 minutes and get a real estimate not a "lost leader" like many other marketing sites or companies.  PolicyMarket does the heavy lifting of the life settlement process for you and keeps you informed along the way.  We work on behalf of agents and policy owners and work directly with the marketplace of buyers.  Your life insurance may your largest asset and we take this very seriously.  PolicyMarket offers you the most information about the options for your life insurance.

We Help A Lot Of People Get The Highest Value For Their Life Insurance.

When someone is looking for options for their life insurance, they find PolicyMarket.  PolicyMarket searches the marketplace of potential buyers and finds you the highest value.  By creating competition and knowing the fair market value for your policy we get you the highest offer.  Direct buyers try to get a deal and offer below market value for policies because it is difficult for agents or policy owners to know the true value of the policy.   Over $1 billion of life insurance has been submitted to PolicyMarket.  For the agents or people who start their life settlement process through thePolicyMarket platform, they receive an average of 26% of their policy death benefit from our buyers in a settlement payout.

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